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Add UPN / user principle name to outlook web access / owa login

Posted by shauncroucher on April 14, 2010

I have noted there are quite a few folk who would like to use the user principle name for the Outlook Web Access login with Exchange 2007 / 2010. Some people would like to add the external domain name and use this as the UPN and login

There is a very easy method to achieve this and it is documented here:

Once you follow these instructions you can login with the full UPN, so for example, if you have a domain example.local and an external domain of you could login as follows:


Password: <domain password>



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Technet Subscription 28% off

Posted by shauncroucher on January 18, 2010

Slightly off topic, but Microsoft are offering 28% off all new subscriptions to Technet Plus.

Just enter the promo code TNWIN7L


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Microsoft support Exchange products

Posted by shauncroucher on November 2, 2009

Always worth keeping abreast of Microsoft support and product lifecycles.

This is where to find Microsoft product lifecycle information for Exchange 2007:


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Managing Public Folder Client Access Permissions – Exchange 2007 MSH / EMC (Exchange Management Shell)

Posted by shauncroucher on September 6, 2009

There are a number of ways to add permissions to public folders using the MSH (Exchange Management Shell).

Some of the common and useful commands for client permissions are as follows:

Add-PublicFolderClientPermissions -Identity <PublicFolder> -User “Username” -AccessRights <Right>

The rights for public folders can be explicit rights such as “ReadItems” or “CreateItems” or ‘roles’ such as Owner, Contributor etc, which have a set of rights.

Add-PublicFolderClientPermission -Identity “Company Contacts” -AccessRights PublishingEditor -User Steve

This will add the PublishingEditor ‘role’ to Steve, so he is able to create and delete all items that he creates, and can delete all content items regardless of ownership (but cannot delete folders he does not own). He cannot change permissions on folders that he has not created.

There is also a Remove-PublicFolderClientPermissions that will remove any permissions you wish in the same manner as above.

This is fine on a folder by folder basis but what if we want to give permissions to All users or permissions for a specific user but recursively for a whole bunch of public folders. Well, that is where the AddUsersToPFRecursive.ps1 script comes in!

So, with this we specify the -TopPublicFolder and specify the username and we can add the specified rights recursivley to all public folders beneath. Useful if want the same permission structure on all public folders.

**    Note, if the Top level PF has a space, you must place the name in ‘ ‘ inside the ” “. So -TopPublicFolder “‘\My Computer'”    **

**    Note, that you need to put the \ at the beginning of the path to represent the beginning of the public folder structure     **

AddUsersToPFRecursive.ps1 -TopPublicFolder “MyCompany” -User “Steve” -Permission “PublishingEditor”

AddUsersToPFRecursive.ps1 -TopPublicFolder “MyCompany” -User “Default” -Permission “PublishingEditor” (the Default user permissions apply to all users that are not explicitly defined)

AddUsersToPFRecursive.ps1 -TopPublicFolder “MyCompany” -User “Default” -Permission “None” (the Default user permissions apply to all users that are not explicitly defined)

AddUsersToPFRecursive.ps1 -TopPublicFolder “MyCompany” -User “Mr.ManagingDirector” -Permission “Owner”

There are a number of other scripts with similar recursive powers, the names are pretty self explanatory, but review in more detail by following links below.

RemoveUserFromPFRecursive.ps1 – Configuring Public Folder Permissions – How to Add Permissions for Client Users to Access Public Folder Content – Scripts for Managing Public Folders in the Exchange Management Shell


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NTBackup and VSS capability for Exchange backup

Posted by shauncroucher on August 19, 2009

Recently a friend asked me why he cannot simply use the VSS capability of NTBackup on his 2003 64bit server to backup the Exchange system.

The answer lies in the generic nature of the VSS capability of NTBackup. It is not exchange-aware and requires that you make sure that all disks with exchange information are also backed up to ensure a successful backup.

There are no time advantages, because using the generic VSS streams the data, instead of a quick ‘snapshot’ of the data as a Fully exchange aware VSS based backup solution would offer.

This msexchangeteam article runs through this subject:


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Sorting emails sent to distribution list

Posted by shauncroucher on August 11, 2009

Many people sort incoming mail into folders, perhaps so they are not interrupted with email being delivered directly to their Inbox, and to prioritise the mail they wish to see now / those that they can review later.

The problem is with Distribution lists, it is not possible to see that the email has been sent to the DL address. So how can this be resolved?

There is a great little custom Transport Agent designed by the Microsoft Exchange Team that does just this:


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Every Exchange cmdlet at your fingertips!

Posted by shauncroucher on August 3, 2009

Here is a great technet article listing ALL Exchange cmdlets and the server roles they are associated with.

Surely Exchange 2007 must be one of the best documented product to come from Microsoft, there seems to be a relevant and thorough article for every aspect of the product.


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Microsoft webcast on Exchange 2007 powershell scripting

Posted by shauncroucher on August 3, 2009

Microsoft have a webcast (71mins) about Exchange scripting with Powershell.

Well worth some time spent!


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Category Time of Birth

Posted by shauncroucher on August 3, 2009

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FAQ Development

Posted by shauncroucher on August 2, 2009

As things are found out, they get added.

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