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About Me

My name is Shaun Croucher, I have started this blog to hopefully capture some of the interesting features, shell cmdlets, scripting, and a little of the general functionality related to Exchange 2007 and soon to include Exchange 2010.

I visit and contribute on numerous forums and as such I am exposed to a decent level of user experiences. I have tried to use this knowledge to focus on areas in Exchange 2007/2010 where questions are most frequently asked and also special areas of interest.

I hope you find the site useful

Shaun Croucher

August 2009


4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hi Shaun,

    My name is Nitin Gupta, I have also been active on EE as gupnit, but been slow for few months.

    Happened to see your blog, and liked it. Keep up the good work mate…!


    • shauncroucher said

      Hi Nitin,

      Thanks very much for visiting my blog, great to receive some positive feedback, especially from an Exchange MVP no less!

      I’ll see you around the forums no doubt, I post on Technet,, as well as EE,

      Thanks again Nitin,


  2. Mutahir said

    Hi Shaun 🙂

    I am on EE as well and have co-participated with you in a few questions, its been a pleasure, I came across your site a while ago and had it bookmarked, just now i came back here and its you 🙂

    Great work and informative – keep updating
    take care

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