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Creating a custom DSN \ NDR message and associate with a transport rule in Exchange 2007

Posted by shauncroucher on November 10, 2009

On several occasions just lately I have been asked about how to setup a custom NDR and associate this with a transport rule.

It’s actually quite simple to achieve this using Transport Rules alone, but with the GUI, you only have enough space for a small sentence. That’s not always sufficient for the needs of the Exchange Administrator.

So, a quick how-to on creating a Delivery Status Notification to use as the “Send bounce message to sender with enhanced status code” Transport rule action.

1) You need to first setup a custom DSN using New-SystemMessage. The Custom DSN needs to have a status code  in the range 5.7.10 – 5.7.999

New-SystemMessage -DsnCode 5.7.100 -Language En -Internal $false  -Text “Your longer message goes here”

2) Setup a new Transport rule with the conditions of your liking and then for the transport rule action, don’t worry too much about the text field, as this will be displayed at the bottom of email, it will not form the mail text of the message. It is importan to make sure the Enhanced status code you enter on the rule  matches the custom DSN (in the example 5.7.100) code.

Voila! The End result is that the text found in the custom DSN will show to the user who gets trapped by the Transport Rule.


References: – Associating a DSN Message with a Transport Rule – New-SystemMessage



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