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Exchange 2007 Physical edb database size too large reduce size move mailbox offline defrag

Posted by shauncroucher on November 3, 2009


There is a myth that the only way to deal with an oversized *PHYSICAL* edb file in Exchange 2007 is to run an online and then offline defrag.

This is not true. You can use the Move-Mailbox method on a new database to effecively reduce the size of the database holding your mailboxes. The great thing about this method is that neither an online OR an offline defrag is required, so you can achieve the desired effect on the spot, perhaps after deleting (or Disable-Mailbox’ing) a whole bunch of mailbox enabled users.

Whilst it is true that you will never change the physical size of a database without doing an offline defrag, you can deal with an oversized database by deleting it. Stay with me.

The method is as follows:

1) If you have deleted item retention configured on your Exchange 2007 server inform your users to check their ‘Recover Deleted Items’ using OWA or Outlook. This is the message dumpster location where deleted items get sent when they have been emptied. The items will remain accessible until the retension period has passed. The next step will make the Dumpster unavailable.

2) Create a new Storage Group and Database (you can just create a new database if you prefer, but it’s generally good practice to try keeping 1 database to 1 Storage group.

3) Use the Move-Mailbox cmdlet, or the Move Mailbox management shell facility to move ALL the mailboxes from the original oversized database to the new database.

4) If you are dropping the original database, once all mailboxes have been moved, restart the Microsoft System Attendant to ensure the system mailboxes get recreated

5) Remove the original database files and log files.

Voila. You now have a mailbox database that does not inclue the white space (mailboxes and deleted items in the dumpster) and you will be left with a mailbox database that is smaller than the original.

Note that this process also includes no downtime for the users and no risky offline defrag. Granted, offline defrag will normally run without causing a problem, but because it operates on the database page by page, there is a chance that data loss will occur. It is far far better to use this Move-Mailbox approach.

Move-Mailbox command syntax would be as follows:

Get-MailboxDatabse “Name of Mailbox Database” | Move-Mailbox -TargetDatabase “Name of Target Database” -confirm:$false



2 Responses to “Exchange 2007 Physical edb database size too large reduce size move mailbox offline defrag”

  1. Abdellah El Bilali said

    That is great!
    Once you move all users from the database, are there any other steps to follow if you are dealing with a CCR cluster?

  2. Easy said

    One thing to keep in mind is that moving mailboxes will generate a large amount of logging; if circular logging has not been enabled (which it is not by default) the logs can quickly fill a system drive and crash the server. Easily prevented though by first enabling circular logging.

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