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Exchange 2007 Internal and External URL \ URL’s – Autodiscover Availability IMAP POP3 OOF OAB

Posted by shauncroucher on October 17, 2009

Exchange 2007 stores quite a few URL’s for the new Autodiscover feature and for other services such as the Availability service, IMAP, POP3, OOF and OAB.

In total there are at least 7 powershell commands that can be used to display the URL’s for Exchange.

If you are aware of any I have missed off the list please leave me feedback and I will update this post.

This article is designed to show you which commands you will need to find all the URL’s in your organisation. The script will run for ALL servers in your organisation where appropriate.


Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory | fl Id*,*url*

Get-OwaVirtualDirectory | fl Id*,*url*

Get-ClientAccessServer | fl Id*,*uri*

Get-OabvirtualDirectory | fl Id*,*url*

Get-ImapSettings | fl Id*,*509*,*url*

Get-POPSettings | fl Id*,*509*,*url*

Get-UMVirtualDirectory | fl Id*,*url*

The vast majority of these are self explanatory. One that is often forgot are the POP and IMAP URL’s, both for the additional CAS calendaring services that are available by setting the ‘OwaServerUrl’ value.

References: Security warning when you start Outlook 2007… – How to configure the Web Services URLs that are used by Outlook 2007 – More on Exchange 2007 and certificates – with real world scenario


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