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Exchange 2007 ‘Managed by’ does not allow user to change, add or delete distribution list members

Posted by shauncroucher on August 31, 2009

No, it doesn’t!

The Managed By: in the Group Information tab of a Distribution Group is for informational purposes. It does not give a user / group to manage the distribution group.

You need to run the Add-ADPermission cmdlet to add this permission:

Add-ADPermission -Identity <name of distribution group> -User <name of user> -AccessRights WriteProperty -Properties “Member”

This will then allow the specified user to manage the distribution group membership.

It is an area common for confusion in Exchange 2007 due to the change of behaviour.



8 Responses to “Exchange 2007 ‘Managed by’ does not allow user to change, add or delete distribution list members”

  1. Mathias said

    Thx for this post ;-). It saves a lot of time

  2. James said

    I have the Distribution groups set to ‘manager can update membership list’ as ticked, but the user still cannot add members. is there any other steps?

    • shauncroucher said

      Hi James,

      Thanks for visiting my blog, it appears that it is no longer possible to use the ADU&C facility, you should try the shell command, this should work fine.


  3. Rob said

    The powershell command does the same as in ADU&C
    Only difference is that powershell sets the Write Members Property for ‘this object and all child objects’ where ADUC used ‘This Object Only’
    Unfortunaly it did not work for me either, however when I grant ‘Write All Properties’ it does work (but I don’t want to do that)
    So looks like there is some right missing when granting just Write Member

    • shauncroucher said


      Thanks for visiting my blog.

      It may also be possible to use ADUC. So does the powershell cmdlet fail for you? Sometimes it takes a little time for the permissions to become active.


  4. Marcio Almeida said

    Hi, thanks. My problem has resolved.

  5. Marc Deschenes said

    Many thanks!

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