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Customised UPN or Email alias when bulk creating users in Exchange 2007

Posted by shauncroucher on August 20, 2009

I found on a recent Experts-exchange article a really great way of manipulating the UPN or email alias based on certain letters found in the name, ie 7 letters from last name then . then first initial.

The script is written by Chris-Dent on EE. The script shows some pretty useful basic concepts with Powershell such as string concatenation and using Functions to convert basic string to secure string on the fly.

## Run BulkImport.ps1 c:tempimportusers.csv
## Import data from csv and store it in variable ‘data’

$data = import-csv $args[0]

## Function to convert password into a secure string

function New-SecureString([string] $plainText)
$secureString = new-object Security.SecureString
foreach($char in $plainText.ToCharArray()) { $secureString.AppendChar($char) }

foreach ($i in $data)
$ss = new-securestring $i.password

# Build the UPN
$UPN = $i.lastname
# If the last name length is greater than 7 characters trim off the end
If ($UPN.Length -gt 7) { $UPN = $UPN.SubString(0, 7) }
# Concatenate with the first character of the first name and the domain name
$UPN = “$UPN.$($i.firstname.SubString(0, 1))@bch.local”

new-mailbox -Password $ss -Alias $i.alias -LastName $i.lastname -Firstname $i.firstname `
-Name $ -Database $i.database -UserPrincipalName $upn -OrganizationalUnit $i.ou

Add-DistributionGroupMember “citrix_staff” -member $UPN



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