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Recipient Validation – Configuration checks to get this important feature functioning!

Posted by shauncroucher on August 9, 2009

You can use the following shell commands to VERIFY that all the features that are needed for recipient filtering are enabled.

Get-RecipientFilterConfig | fl R*,En*,Ext*,Is*
Get-TransportAgent -Identity Recip* | fl E*
Get-AcceptedDomain | ft Id*,Add*   Additional Command to run if an Edge Transport Server is used.

First command property will show RecipientValidationEnabled (check for recipients that do not exist),
the second will show Enabled, then Externalmailenabled and IsValid. All should be true.

The second command will show if the Recipient Filtering agent is enabled on the TransportAgent level.

The third command will show if the AddressBook feature is enabled, by default it is enabled for
Authoritative domains. It MUST be ENABLED for recipient validation to work when you are using an Edge Transport Server to provide the recipient validation feature.

To Enable any items that are Disabled above:

To enable the RecipientFilterConfig:
Get-RecipientfilterConfig | set-recipientfilterconfig -enabled $true

To Enable the RecipientFilterConfig agent:
Enable-TransportAgent “Recipient Filter Agent”
(then restart the service)

To enable the address book for an accepted domain:
set-accepteddomain <name of accepted domain> -addressbookenabled $true

OR to set for ALL accepted domains:

Get-accepteddomain | set-accepteddomain -addressbookenabled $true

* Note that after making changes to the Accepted domain, if you have an Edge Transport Server you will
need to run the edge syncronization to write these changes to the ADAM instance on the Edge Transport Server to see the change immediately:




One Response to “Recipient Validation – Configuration checks to get this important feature functioning!”

  1. Bastian said

    very helpful .. as on other examples i found nothing about addressbook enabled.
    Solved the problem for me.

    regards bastian

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